Episode 34: Get The Facts
Sunday Night in Canada - October 16, 2016
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[] Intro
[] Nathan is getting a baby surprise
[] Andrew has fallen off the wagon and straight into the Broken Isles
[] Our favourite things what did us a scare

Let's News!
[] Overwatch Halloween Event
[] The US Department of Energy's internal correspondence Re: Stranger Things [LINK]
[] There's a website that's archive screen shots of soda machines in video games [LINK]
[] Thumper is a rhythm game and it serious looks like it would kill people in horror movies [LINK]
[] Greg Sestero and... you guessed it... Tommy Wiseau team up again in Best F[r]iends [LINK]

[] Ridin' the .wav
[] Commercials

[] Stargate SG-1 - S02E02 - In the Line of Duty recap
[] Stargate SG-1 - S02E03 - Prisoners recap
[] Stargate SG-1 - S02E04 - The Gamekeeper recap
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