Episode 38: Boil Your Cheese
Sunday Night in Canada - November 20, 2016
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[] Intro
[] Turfmaster - The horse racing game
[] The Dank Meme Lord

Let's News!
[] Pretty sweet Daft Punk / Beastie Boys mashup on Bandcamp [LINK]
[] Stargate re...make? Boot? Anyway it appears to have fallen through [LINK]
[] What.cd has been shut down [LINK]
[] Not a news, but interesting: Welcome to the Pyramid at the End of the World [LINK]

[] Ridin' the .wav
[] Commercials

[] Stargate SG-1 S02E10 - Bane recap

[] Music! "Neon Mist Escape" by redLymb (Andrew) [LINK]
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