Episode 47: Go With It!
Sunday Night in Canada - February 12, 2017
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[] Intro
[] What the heck was that intro song?
[] Nathan has rediscovered eBay.
[] Coughing in a TV show is never a mistake (or is it always a mistake?)
[] bbtan. BBTan. BBTAN!

Let's News!
[] E3 is open to the public this year. [LINK]
[] Andrew is confused and scared re: Star Trek Discovery Klingons. [LINK]
[] Adam Nimoy's Deep Space Nine fully crowd funded in one day. [[] Steve Bannon sunk $60M of Goldman Sachs' money into a failed WoW goldfarming scheme. [LINK]

[] Ridin' the .wav
[] Comercials

[] Stargate SG-1 - S03E06 - Point of View recap
[] Stargate SG-1 - S03E07 - Deadman Switch recap
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