Episode 61: Streak Rules
Sunday Night in Canada - June 4, 2017
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[] Intro
[] Nathan is watching the Rocket League Championship Series
[] Ghostbusters Errata

Let's News!
[] Animaniacs getting a reboot? [LINK]
[] Nintendo announces library of classic games in their subscription service [LINK]
[] Man gets a speeding ticket... for going 88MPH in he DeLorean [LINK]
[] Bob & Doug Mackenzie are reuniting for a benefit show in Toronto [LINK]

[] Government subsidized fun-time trivia segment (formerly known as Irrelevant Inquiry)
[] Retro Commercials

[] Stargate SG-1 - S04E15 - Chain Reaction
[] Stargate SG-1 - S04E16 - 2010

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Morgan Gendel on the Inner Light's 24th anniversary
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